Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Atrophied Bicycle Chain

I've been quiet these last few months, not only here (where I've never been particularly loud), but just in regards to writing in general. These last weeks, of reading Roberto Bolano, hearing news of acceptance for some of my poems, and the usual sense that I could always be doing more than I am have propelled me to write at nearly every free moment.

I've been kicking around some ideas on how to get Fuzz Against Junk 2 (which is not done) out. I really want to make it a print issue. I like to read on the subway and the eBook revolution has not been kind to poetry. Then again, with my girlfriend studying abroad in Spain, leaving me behind to the pay the rent, scarping together $300 will be pretty hard. So the online option is on the table.

I received my second package from Ugly Duckling Presse in the last few weeks and am just now getting around to looking at it. Even though I don't like everything they release, they are certainly a very inclusive press, which is something I can appreciate.

Anticipating: Ashbery's Rimbaud, Animal Collective in Prospect Park, tomorrow's poem.


  1. Are you taking donations for a print version then, and where are they to be sent if affirmative?

  2. It's a possibility, but I wouldn't want to take any money until I was closer to getting it out. Let me get some things in order and I'll send you a message.